Since the Revolutionary War, the American Military has used horses in battle, to carry soldiers in and take the wounded out, to pull supply wagons and munitions.  They were even used on 9/11 and are used in mounted patrols still.  Today, however, they are helping fight an even more important battle:  the battle on the home front to re-integrate our soldiers into their families, help win the war against PTSD and suicide, comfort grieving families and heal our injured service members.


Horses can and do help heal the wounds of war and separation!


Children that have parents deployed might need a friend. There are some good friends and there are bad friends, but the best friend in the world is a horse. Horses can listen to you and really make you happy if you are down. Some kids may have a hole in their heart from their parent’s absence, and the horse could fill that hole with his love. You may not know it but this organization means more to these kids than you may think.

Now for the parents who are deployed. Some parents might not worry about their kids because they are so worried about getting killed and some parents worry about their kids all the time and how they are doing and if they are being taken care of. For the parents that worry about their kids this organization may help. They will know that their kids are enjoying themselves and maybe aren’t thinking about the war and the welfare of their parents. Since they are worrying less about their kids it will help them fight better and give them a better chance at staying alive. Now H4H is helping protect our country.

Anonymous Email sent to Horses4Heroes from Nellis AFB